(Industrial and Design Applications), started in 1989, operates in the following fields:

• design and fabrication of equipment and systems for the control of industrial processes.

• Automation, instrumentation, electrical and software applications with a direct and specific presence both in the design and production stage.

PREI srl is specialized in the production of:
Turbine control systems  
“Fail safe” systems and Generator control systems.
- Control systems for food, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical and oil&gas industries as well as for environmental applications.

Since its foundation, our company has steadily improved its performance, competitiveness and position on the market. The design department and the workshop make up the core of PREI’s structure. Product requirements supplied by our customers are elaborated by the design department and also issues all technical specifications required for fabrication. All products are fabricated and tested in-house and undergo functional testing in simulated plant conditions before validation. PREI’s internal structure favours the constant development of staff skills, fundamental in defining and satisfying client expectations: know-how is our most valuable resource.

Manufacturing unit

The design department and the workshop are located in the main production unit in Alzate Brianza (CO).
All production stages are carried out in-house at PREI: mounting, wiring and intermediate tests. PREI products features are clearly defined by technical specifications issued by our design department.
Our staff’s technical expertise has developed and improved over the years and guarantees the highest quality standards for all PREI products.

The second manufacturing Unit in Alzate Brianza is dedicated to testing activities. All systems are tested in simulated plant conditions and executed according to internal testing procedure guidelines.