Residential and Industrial
 Electrical and Instrumental Plants
 Electric Panels
 MV LV Cabins
 Special - Purpose Plants
 Photovoltaic devices

We design and produce special plants for residential, industrial and tertiary use.

Anti-intrusion devices for residential or industrial sites. We install electronic exchange or microprocessor systems with either local remote or security services management.

Smoke detectors for industrial and tertiary sectors.

We supply devices with analog control panels and conventional fire detection panels,

optical smoke sensors, beam detectors, manual alarms, sirens optical/acoustic panels and gas or dust detectors.

We program our own plants, supply technical support and half-yearly inspections in compliance with the current regulations.

Voice/data networks for residential and industrial sites
We carry out solutions for structured cabling, building automation and domotics, UTP standard cabling and special appliances with optic fiber wiring.

CCTV systems for video surveillance on residential and industrial sites.
We set up systems for internal or external surveillance, with B&W or color digital cameras, event logging on Hard-disk, images displayed on local or remote PCs.

Access control system for industrial and tertiary sectors.

We produce integrated systems for entrance control and presence detection using badge and/or biometric technology and entrance security systems such as barriers and security compasses.

Sound systems for the industrial and tertiary sectors especially in theatres, schools, malls, religious buildings, etc. We produce and supply P.A. systems and mixed systems including emergency signals.

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