supplies maintenance and managing services to support its customers from start to finish, guaranteeing continuity and availability. Support, checking and maintenance activities are also effectuated on systems realized by third parties.
ElePONTIGGIA has always been a partner providing the following:

- System management

- Emergency services to electric systems.

- Development of scheduled maintenance programs

- Scheduled maintenance activities.


ElePONTIGGIA staff has gained a solid experience in construction supervision on sites by the careful realization of its projects.
ElePONTIGGIA staff are specialized in checking system conformity, and especially:
- Electric measurements for equipment and procedure functions
- Technical testing and checking of compliance with residential
and industrial standards for electric devices
- Periodic system tests, in compliance with safety laws regarding the work environment with deadline management.
Our personnel recognizes the functionality of devices and systems installed by third parties, determining critical factors with regards to safety and efficient functioning.
Our technicians are in a position to develop plant solutions aimed at the optimization of power consumption.